This is likely the most varied and in-demand type of plumbing service. Ranging from home leak detection and repair to toilet installations. However, even with such variance there are many similarities in the actual work and thus it is essential to find a specialist in the area.

If you are looking for water heater maintenance or installations, look for specialized companies. Simply head on over to our specialized water heater services page.

Leak Detection and Leak Repairs

Some of the most troublesome and property damaging problems arise from leaks. This is because water can quickly and easily penetrate a large amount of space and elements. As soon as you detect any sign of a possible leak it is time to call the experts.

If you are ensure of the water leak you can confirm it by simply checking to see if there is any moisture level differences.

Toilet, Faucet, Shower, Bath and Kitchen Repairs and Installations

Constant usage and improper care can shorten the life of many of your essentials. Sometimes a quick repair or patch up is all you need to get things back to working condition.

Garbage Disposal (Garburator) Repairs, Cleaning and Installations

People force all types of things down the garbage disposal, many of which should not go down there. This causes the garbage disposal to become clogged, inefficient or cease to work all together.

In-Home Drain Cleaning

Get your pipes cleaned and get maximum water flow for better efficiency. Drain cleaning should be performed on a regular schedule to ensure longevity of your homes piping system, saving time and money in the future.

Sump Pump Repairs and Installations

Is your sump pit filling up? It’s likely due to a faulty, old or broken sump pump. As you might have guessed the sump pumps main role is to remove water that accumulates in your sump pit and send it on its way.

Quality Repair and Installation Metrics

There are some elements which setup the repair and installation pros from the rest. In order to get the best products and service we have put together a comprehensive checklist.

Convenient Service Times

Plumbing companies should accommodate your needs and not the other way around. We strongly believe this especially when it comes to repairs and installs.

Professional Technicians

A quality plumber is a professional and takes pride in his work. This in turn has a strong impact on the quality of work performed. Most plumbers in British Columbia carry a plumbing and gas fitting license or are under the supervision under a senior plumber.

Lengthy Warranty on Installations

Since the plumbing fixtures and piping in your home are meant to serve your for quite some time. The company that does the install should be confident enough to back their work by providing a lengthy (+20yrs) or lifetime warranty on the installation.

Upfront Pricing

Companies that display their prices with pride and without hidden costs are always preferred. Know what you pay for and how much without the guess work.

Clean and Tidy

Most repair and installations take place inside the home. Therefore, it essential that the plumbing company if professional enough to leave the area as clean as or cleaner than it was originally.

Amazing Customer Service

Great customer service will not only make your experience more pleasant, but also implies the company plans on sticking around.

Quality Products and Parts

Much of quality and reliability of plumbing installs and repairs depends on the products and parts used. By sticking to quality parts and products experience plumbers ensure longevity of their work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee helps to ensure that you are satisfied every time you part with your hard earned money.